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    Rose Crystal™ Diamond Table Lamp

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    Create a beautiful, romantic and warm ambiance with this elegant Rose Crystal™ Diamond table lamp. This lamp is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Our Rose Crystal™ lamp uses the latest in 3D technology and combines it with beautifully handcrafted crystal. The refraction of the light through the crystal lamp is bright, colorful, and creates a romantic rose pattern. The result? 

    A bouquet of lights! 

    Roses, diamonds and romance, all in one lamp. Beautifully cut crystals, the stunning table lamp will add a touch of glamour to any room in your house. Also suitable for a corridor, closet, hotel, dining room, study room, office, art display, etc. Our Rose Crystal™ Diamond Table Lamp features 16 colors.

    16 stunning colors.
    LED lighting.
    Sensitive Touch Control Sensor & Smooth Dimming.
    Modern, minimalist design.
    The finest in home decor.
    Conversation starter.
    Flex factor.

    Included in each box.

    Rose Crystal™ Diamond Table Lamp
    Rechargeable battery
    USB charging cable
    Touch & remote control

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