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    Galaxy Lamp™

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    Hold the Magic of the universe in your hands!

    Beautifully Designed

    Our Galaxy Lamps are crafted in a US based factory using NASA satellite images and 3D laser printing. These lamps are designed to be the envy of everyone who sees it in your home. Children are soothed to sleep with its mysterious glow while adults can enjoy it as a beautiful statement piece. 


    Our design team loves everything relating to astronomy and meticulously crafts each galaxy lamp to ensure a product that isn't just elegant, but unique and evokes the same yearning feeling we all have when we look into the starlights in the sky.

    🔮 Designed using authentic NASA satellite images
    🔮 3D printed with state-of-the-art technology
    🔮 Laser etched with photorealistic detail



    Sets Any Mood

    🔮 16 brilliant and stunning colors 
    🔮 Change colors with a tap of a finger or with the remote
    🔮 Fades between colors
    🔮 Strobing effect

    🔮 Helps promote better sleep at night
    🔮 Great conversation starter
    🔮 Perfect for home decor
    🔮 Sets the vibe and is the vibe


      • 2-4 hours charging time
      • 6-9 hours of battery life
      • Lithium ION rechargeable battery included
      • USB charger included
      • BPA free & environmentally safe
      • 5W Wattage
      • 5V Voltage

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